The next basic education for becoming a YOGAFUNC instructor will be held Saturday and Sunday 5.-6.10.2013, in Ashtanga Yoga School of Tallinn, in the newly opened Shala, in Koidu 122.

The price: 109€

More info tomorrow.
The initial plan was to have the instructor education this weekend, but because Ashtanga Yoga School of Tallinn is moving out from the rooms in Tartu maantee, we had to move it to a later time. The goal is to arrange the education in our new rooms in the beginning of September. In any case, the education will be held early september, so that new instructors can get busy with it in the start of the season. If that is your plan, make sure you visit YOGAFUNC classes actively now, before we do the education.

More info coming as soon as we have it. 
Many people are asking if there will be another basic education and if yes, when.

Yes, if there is enough demand, I will do it and the best time would probably be in August. If you are interested of this education, please let me know by commenting below. I will decide the more accurate dates in a few days time. 

A message from Julia. Tomorrows YOGAFUNC class will start at 13:00.

Have fun!
Saturday's YOGAFUNC at 11:00 continues normally. Go practice with Julia and Triin. :)

I tried to post this already last week, but for some reason it didn't. Here it is again.

The Funcitup Lab classes are on a break for now, while Ashtanga Yoga School of Tallinn is focusing more energy in their Ashtanga program.

YOGAFUNC classes are taught in several different fitness clubs around Tallinn. Triin ja Julia (who were teaching in the Lab) are teaching in Fittest ( Tuesdays at 18:15 and Thursdays at 20:15.

The Funcitup Lab may start functioning again later if (and when) we find the right way to develop the concept.

All the best,
Today's YOGAFUNC class is cancelled because of our Ashtanga Yoga workshop with Lino Miele.

Tomorrow's YOGAFUNC class with Julia at 12:00, not 11:00.

FUNC it up! :)

Track 8.



Hey YOGAFUNC trainers. I have sent you an email with a link to track 8. I've sent it awhile back already. If you haven't received it, please email me.

Tonight in the Lab we will do the new YOGIFIT Prana class, which is a great product to help you learn the correct breathing technique and the way to slow down the nervous system.

We do about 30 minutes of asana, followed by a specific yoga breathing practice and a relaxation. The breathing practice has two rounds and in between the two of them we do a short series of asanas to loosen up the body.

Please join the class and give me feedback to help me develop the product further. No set fees for these classes, just leave a small donation in the jar.
The info about the YOGAFUNC Personal Training Education, 6.-7.4. In Tallinn, has been sent to you trainers. If you didn't receive it for some reason, please contact Jocke jocke[at]
We will get the iTunes playlist up tomorrow, but if you are in a hurry you can go purchase the songs you see in this photo.